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Let Me Out celebrates the journey of coming to accept and recognize who we are meant to be. Our fun and interactive pop-up book embraces the messaging of diversity, acceptance, and embracing your truths, especially within the LGBTQ+ community.


Let Me Out follows our main character as they struggle with a major internal secret. This secret manifests as a mysterious entity that hides inside the closet. While the book highlights the fears and concerns many of us have when coming to terms with our identity, it also celebrates the joys of embracing your truth. Once those closet doors are flung open, the story tuns into a pop-up celebration of community and self-acceptance.

Let Me Out cover

How Does Our
Main Character Identify?

The story of coming to terms with who we are is universal. It is for that reason we opted not to assign a specific gender, pronoun or LGBTQ+ identity to our main character. We want it to be open to interpretation so the messaging can benefit all.

What Ages Is
the Book Intended For?

Let Me Out celebrates accepting who you are and encourages you to love whoever you choose to. There is no age limit to this messaging. The story however, does highlight the fears that self-doubt and internal conflict can create. For that reason ages seven and up would be an ideal audience for this book.

How Can I Use This Book
In A Classroom Setting?

This book serves as a wonderful tool to introduce LGBTQ+ representation into the classroom and encourage conversations about self-acceptance, confronting your doubts, and supporting others. For more on the importance of introducing LGBTQ+ books to our youth, click here.

How Can Parents
Use This Book?

Having a diverse personal library can help nurture an accepting and open-minded household. LGBTQ+ children can often struggle with disclosing their identity to their parents. Books like Let Me Outencourage conversations within families about embracing your truths and having an honest dialogue between parents and their children.

How Can Allies
Use This Book?

The best allies are not only vocal about supporting issues concerning LGBTQ+ members, but are also versed in the resources and tools available to support them. This book not only serves as a tool for allies to recommend to their LGBTQ+ community, but is also helpful in spreading the messaging to develop allies in our youths. To learn more about what it means to be an ally, clicke here.

Why A

Coming out can be such a momentous occasion, that it only seemed fitting to have it literally pop-out of the pages of this book. The messaging is universal, but not always received, so in order to truly resonate with the reader, we wanted to add a new dimension to the story by making it pop-up.

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Educate and activate through inclusive books. Let Me Out is a platform to encourage self-acceptance, tolerance, and growth. Request that your school board or local library order Let Me Outand help share the inclusive messaging!