Benefits of Drag Queen Storytime

Drag Queens reading stories to children?! Who would have thought that this was ever a possibility?

Without hesitation, I can state that I would have adored having my favourite books read to me by a glamazon with a beard and sequined gown. This cultural and literary endeavor has taken the world of children’s storytime by storm, and as you can imagine, it’s been met with equal parts praise and backlash.

Children are driven by their curiosities and having what may appear as a “man in a dress” reading a book is ample fuel for children to ignite their questions, wonder, and openness to acceptance. When placed in a nurturing environment, children are respectful, thoughtful and interested in learning about self-expression and acceptance. At the least, engaging in a Drag Queen Storytime will definitely create an impact when a child recalls the story read to them.

However, many believe that this is a perverse environment for our youths. Instances of boycotts, threats, and bans have surfaced from those who believe that Drag Queen Story Time harms children. This could not be further from the truth. Those opposed to Drag Queen Storytime are quick to declare that these initiatives create identity confusion amongst children, but the reality is that Drag Queen Storytime is a safe space driven by confident, colourful, and diverse representatives of the community.

Drag Queen Storytime is designed to expose youth to alternative role models and ultimately, provide a supportive environment for self-expression and gender identity.

There is no sexualizuation of the drag queen or the themes presented in the stories, and the books themselves are often impactful and rich in positive messaging.

In a modern society that coerces youth to become less involved with their surroundings and more invested with their iPads, Drag Queen Storytime is an incredible out-of-the box initiative that garners the full attention it deserves, and we must do everything we can to support it.

Take a look at some of the benefits of Drag Queen Storytime:

Support Diverse Books

Look Beyond Gender Norms

LGBT Role Models

Teach Empathy

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