Meet the Creator of Let Me Out

Omid Razavi

My childhood consisted of a lot questions and in turn, expressing myself through drawing. Crayons and paper in hand, I was able to escape and explore different realities. I always knew that I wanted to tell stories, but I never thought that I would use my own story as inspiration. My background in animation, art, and LGBTQ+ advocacy has led me to create my passion project – Let Me Out. I believe it is our duty to promote positive messaging to our peers, communities, and especially our youths.

Today, I am proud to stand on the board of It Gets Better Canada as well as PFLAG Canada as their Communications Director. Pflag Canada is a national charitable organization  dedicated to helping families and members of the LGBTQ2 community.

I identify as the following pronouns: he/him/his.

Wanting to Create a Children’s Book

This book is the LGBTQ+ resource on coming out of the closet that I wish I had growing up. The fears our main character encounters are a direct narrative of my own experience.

Coming out of the closet isn’t necessarily a one time thing. Coming out to yourself is the first step. What follows is the revelation to family, friends, colleagues and sometimes day-to-day encounters.

Let Me Out was created as a tool that I wish I had to reinforce my journey as a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

If you are interested in learning more about the book or wish to contact me, click here.


Omid with Let Me Out characters