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About Let Me Out

Let Me Out: a pop-out about coming out!

A pop-out about coming out!

Let Me Out is an exciting new book using pop-up elements to celebrate the coming out process. 

The book begins with our main character refusing to confront their inners fears and choosing to keep them hidden in their closet.  Once those doors are finally opened, however, they are greeting by Maître D, a fabulous Drag Queen excited to showcase the pop-up brilliance of what YOU BEING YOU truly means. 

Quick Facts

Kickstarter Funding

The project was launched during PRIDE 2017. An idea and a plea for support on KICKSTARTER, led to a quick following of supporters as well as a successfully funded campaign, surpassing his ask of $30,000.

Themes Found in Let Me Out

Let Me Out is an LGBTQ+ resource designed to celebrate the coming out experience and begin important conversations for allies as well as those struggling with their identity.

The books primary themes are:

  • Coming Out
  • Inclusivity
  • Being an Ally
Why We Need Diverse Books

• We need to Normalize LGBTQ+ Content

• Inclusive Children’s Books Have the Power to Teach

• Creates Comfort for Those in LGBTQ+ Families

• Diverse Books Help Introduce Youth to the LGBTQ+ Community

• Helps Reduce Bullying Through Educating

Let Me Out Specs

Bounce Creative Inc.


Page Count
26 pages

8″ x10″ x 1.5


Photo credits are to be given to Stephanie Cliche / Pink Pineapple Photography

Let Me Out Front Cover

Let Me Out Cover & Bookmark

Leave You Shook! Opening Page

Acceptance from Family and Friends

Let Me Out – You Being You!

Let Me Out – Meet Maître D

Let Me Out – You are PERFECT!

Let Me Out – Live Your Truth!